About Me

Chris Ball

From the moment I dove into the world of electronics, I knew I was embarking on a journey rich with innovation and the allure of entrepreneurship. The last 35 years have been nothing short of a rollercoaster, affording me the privilege to own and steer a variety of ventures to success. My life in England, shared with my family, has been the backdrop against which I’ve tackled both triumphs and trials, eventually leading me to the role of Managing Director of nine companies. This blend of personal and professional success has been both challenging and rewarding.
My narrative is significantly shaped by the setbacks I’ve encountered, particularly the fall of my first business. This episode plunged me into a sea of debt, stripped me of my home, and led me to bankruptcy. Yet, it was from these depths that I drew the strength to rise again, equipped with a deeper understanding of how mindset and resilience play pivotal roles in navigating business complexities and distinguishing between success and failure.
The adversity I faced wasn’t merely a hurdle; it laid the foundation of my philosophy on growth and resilience. The lessons learned during those tough times have become treasures, teaching me the value of perpetual improvement—not just aiming for financial success but enhancing the collective capabilities of the teams I lead.
Embracing Christianity marked a pivotal shift in my life, profoundly redefining my perception of success. I’ve come to realise that true achievement isn’t quantified by wealth or accolades but by the positive impact we have on others and the legacy we create. Giving back and contributing to society are now the pillars upon which I build my life, steering me towards a path of purpose and fulfilment.
By sharing my journey, I aim to motivate others to look beyond their challenges, to embrace continuous growth and learning, and to discover their own paths to success.