Chris Ball is an investor, entrepreneur, and business coach with over 35 years of experience owning and operating numerous successful businesses. Chris originally studied electronics and was determined to run a successful business in the rapidly growing technology industry.
He lives in England with his wife and children and is currently the owner and CEO of nine companies. He is passionate about business and personal development. Throughout his 35 years as a business owner and leader, he has continually sort to improve the management and development of those businesses.
Chris has stated that he has learned more from the businesses that have not succeeded than from the successful ones. When Chris’s first business failed, he was left with such large debts that he lost his home and had to become bankrupt. He determined to come back stronger and better than before, learning some very tough lessons about his attitude and thoughts about how business works and the source of all his successes and failures.
He became a committed Christian and now believes that giving back to the world and society is the cornerstone of how we can build a life worth living.